Smell the flowers, even when you don't have time to stop

Even enthusiastic gardeners like me are so busy most of the time we miss out on plants’ most enchanting and elusive quality: fragrance.

When a child sees a flower in bloom, she smells it. She doesn’t worry about getting pollen on her nose or being pricked by a hidden thorn. The magic of a flower’s fragrance is too delightful to resist.

When we grow up, though, we lose this instinct. Maybe we think it’s childish (bad) rather than childlike (good). Maybe we prefer to stand back and appreciate the flower with our eyes instead. Maybe we’re busy watching little noses explore the silky petals—and snapping pictures to record the moments. Or maybe experience tells us that many flowers have no aroma at all. Whatever the reasons, it’s no wonder we have to be reminded to stop and smell them.

But what if you could take those fragrances with you wherever you go?

That’s my goal in creating Jardinière Bath and Body products. I make safe, natural, environmentally friendly, and nourishing skin care items that capture the amazing scents of real flowers, fruit, and herbs—no complex perfume combinations necessary. Every time you wash with my handmade soap, spray a custom-blended flower water, moisturize with plant-based lotion, or pamper your skin with my scrubs, creams, or all-natural soaks, I want you to experience the wonderful plants I love so much. Each product description includes information on these green beauties from around the world.

So go ahead. Smell the flowers, even when you don’t have time to stop.

Thank you for visiting—and for being part of this gardener’s growing story.

About Jennifer:
I'm a Master Gardener (“jardinière” means lady gardener : ) who loves getting my hands dirty...and pampering them afterwards. I'm a published writer, hopeless Francophile, and college educator. Ephesians 5:2 is the verse I want to live by every day.

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